to the official website of High School (non) Musical, the hit parody of the Disney sensation. It's a great choice for teen performers, but it's just as much fun for adult actors. Who says you can't go back again?

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About the Play

Comedy. Cast Requirements: 6 males, 5 females, plus a flexible ensemble of at least 4-6 actors (total cast size 14-50+). Runs approximately 75-80 minutes and uses a variety of suggested settings. Equally ideal for community or professional theatres, colleges, high schools and middle schools. While the play is a parody of Disney's High School Musical, it also stands alone, and it's not necessary for an audience to have seen the Disney show to enjoy it. No singing is necessary.

High School (non) Musical


Join Toy Boatin, Gaberella, Shitzu, Cryin and the rest of your favorites as the Roswell High bowling team goes for a state championship, students pursue their dreams of performing in the Winter Muse Cycle and surgical decathletes compete in real live surgery.

High School (non) Musical

Toy Boatin is Roswell High's bowling star, but he's longing for more. When surgical prodigy Gaberella transfers in, she's immediately drafted onto the surgical decathlon team. But she too wants more. Will Toy and Gaberella unseat Shitzu and Cryin as the leads in the upcoming Winter Muse Cycle? Even Dad Mom, Toy's best bowling bud, and Failure, head surgical decathlete, have to respect Toy and Gaberella's attempt to follow their dreams. But when they discover that Gaberella's singing voice is so bad that it could mass casualties, what will win out--following your dreams, or preserving life as we know it?

High School (non) Musical

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